Julius Malema speech at IMPLATS

Published 2 March 2012, Rustenburg Herald
Today a good friend and journalist from The Mail and Guardian rang me up to attend a speech by ANCYL’s president, Julius Malema.
In my hometown of Rustenburg I had no idea where ‘Freedom Park’ was, but had to get there in a hurry. After about an hour of getting directions, I found myself in the Implats district of Rustenburg, where the Youth League leader will be delivering his speech. Well thank God he was late! The already surging crowd complete with Sjamboks and knobkerries were swelling on the railway tracks and surrounding the small platform on a field. No doubt I was intimidated, rocking up outside familiar territory, I was bent on finding my jouro friends more than looking for photo opportunities! “We are near the police caspers, just follow them” I was told over a bad line on the blackberry. Oh great I though to myself, at least the police are here! After avoiding the jeering crowd, I was ushered between caspers and bullet-proofjacketed, shotgun-round cladded contables to the inner circle of press.
“Aaah Giancarlo!” I hear Nick call across from the media section. “Just say you with the Press”  I remember him saying on the phone! I was shunted through to the middle of an opening complete with Press from a dozen newspapers across the greater Joburg, and film crew. He wasnt here yet! I thought to myself.. After catching up with Nick, there was alot of jeering and toi toiing going on all of a sudden and then it was all apparant when a white Landrover had just rocked up.
The man they call Juju stepped out from the vehicle, fist raised in the air and the crown errupted. Photographers flew in from all directions and all of a sudden I felt as though I was one of the press photographers in a mob of others, sticking my camera against a car window!
The following were selected for publication in the Rustenburg Herald. Page 1 and 6.


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