Welcome to the ‘Black Rhino in the Lens’ competition! In the spirit of publicity currently aimed at saving our rhinos and conservation in general, we would love to see the images that you think capture the essence of Black Rhino Game Reserve. Please upload your images below this page along with category, title, author and lodge details. Please see RULES of submissions.
The categories in which entries are awaited are:-
  • 1. Animal portraits
  • 2. Behaviour – Mammals/ Birds/ Cold-blooded animals
  • 3. Animals in their environment
  • 4. Wildscapes (landscape or portrait format is accepted. Panoramas also welcome)
  • 5. Nature in Black and White


Thank you for all your wonderful images thus far. I would just like to express how creative the images are and the great titles given to the images. The more creative, fun or interesting the caption is, the more it enhances your image, so please keep it up.
As the competition progressors, I will be featuring finalist images each week and posting them to Twitter and Facebook. Check if YOUR photo is featured by checking out #BlackRhinoComp on Twitter or following me @street_amnesia for latest updates. Please show your support and LIKE our page on Facebook!
Please be aware that category 5 is ‘Nature in Black and White’, please upload your finest images in a black and white conversion.
To view ALL current entries to Black Rhino in the Lens Competition click here to be taken to the Gallery.
To view FINALISTS to Black Rhino in the Lens Competition click here.
In need of inspiring ideas for your images? See this link to view some amazing wildlife images captured from around the world!!
Best of Luck for the rest of the competition,

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  1. Hi Peter. I foolishly did not create the link for the Facebook page! Thanks for pointing that out! I have recently created the page so that we could get more publicity. If you are on twitter please feel free to retweet #BlackRhinoComp tweets to get maximum exposure. Alternatively LIKE the page and share featured posts when they have been posted! Thanks alot, PS the prize list will be published shortly. Keep shooting. Giancarlo