Olifantsnek, a part of the Magaliesburg mountain range

Since I have been doing a lot of trail running in the past few months, I have re-discovered something that has always been on my doorstep but never utilised properly until now- The Magaliesburg mountain range which lies in close proximity to my home. I decided to do a blog on this to hopefully draw attention to this beautiful area with some of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Perhaps some of you will one day visit here (or if you are in the neighborhood pop into my guesthouse- I will take you on a few interesting trails and hikes!)

The opportunities for great landscape photos are abundant, but hardly utilised- and so it was decided- I would take my camera in my backpack and do a bit of an outdoor excursion. I want to make this an open project as I will be adding more photos to this blog as I go along.

This panorama was shot en route up to the highest peak around the Olifantsnek dam (1400m asl), situated on the Northern side of Olifantsnek. I used my wide angle set at 17mm in landscape format, tripod mounted and waited for a break in the clouds to allow just enough sunlight through to illuminate sections of this image. I decided to use a 2 stop exposure difference for this HDR as this was still relatively early morning (7am) and the larger EV setting would show a greater contrast. You may notice how high the sun is- our summer sunrise is around 5am. Timing and precision are of utmost importance when creating an HDR panorama, especially when the sun is darting in and out between clouds.. so I was quite chuffed with the outcome of these images.


Olifantsnek Northern Peak Pan

The following image was taken very near the summit, also a panorama at 15mm, mounted, 1/50th and consists of 9 portrait format images in total. I also bracketed this image by an EV of +-2 stops.


Northern mountain summit

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did capturing them, and if you are in the mood to walk, then the views from these 3 billion year old mountains are very much worth it, and even better in reality!



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