Steve and Christa Lee’s Wedding

I was fotunate enough to be able to document the marriage of Steve and Christa over the weekend of the 23rd of November. I was not the official photog on the wedding day, but I think after a few more weddings I will be able to shoot one all by myself!  This has been a great deal of experience on my behalf and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The feeling of euphoria when Christa was arriving at the Church was probably the biggest high of the day. Nerves can play a big role in wedding photography, but its good as to keeping you on your toes. I find the documentary style of wedding photography most intrigueing. Like a witness at the event would see the wedding. Steve, the groom was a really fun guy and his poses at the alter, after the ceremony were just hilarious.

The ceremony took place at Filadelfia Gemeente, outside the Waterfall mall just off the R24, on the old Johannesburg road. While it is not a permanent structure, the inside looked really great. Alot of effort went into the decoration. With opulent decor and plush furnishings, the tented venue turned out to be quite unique. Having mentioned this, I cannot omit the fact that the sweltering heat did infact turn the perma-tent into a sauna under the mid-day sun. While all of the congregation were bursting to get out of the tent, I was lucky enough to grab a few candids outside the venue while bride and groom were leaving.

We then moved onto the Gemeente hall outside Strelitzia driving range for the festivities. Christa is a teacher at REC highschool at Olifantsnek and she has only met her dear other half quite recently, but they make a great couple. Her son flew in from England expecially for this service and of course to walk his mom down the aisle! A really special moment no doubt! Please enjoy these pictures from their special day and may God bless.

Steve and Christa…













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