Kilimanjaro Day 3: Shira Plateau

At the foot of Kili there were literally hundreds of porters getting ready to load bags and depart through the rain forest region which covers the first day’s ascent. Mega-bus loads of aspiring hikers were also getting out the buses and making their way to sign indemnity forms and pick up their pack lunches. I […]

Kilimanjaro Day 4: Barranco Valley and Karanga

The next morning after kitting up we headed off up the winding path. We soon learned a lot of Swahili on the way up the mountain, as each guide passed us there would be an exchange of lingo and laughter..’Safi kama samaki!’ this one guy said, carrying a huge duffel bag on his neck as […]

Kilimanjaro Day 5: The Summit

We rolled into Barafu camp at around 12pm. There was not a lot of flat ground to be had and tents were pitched hap-hazzardly trying to wedge in as many people as possible. Some parties were camped for a couple of days, getting in as much acclimatising as possible. Remaining at this altitude of 4500m […]

Kilimanjaro Day 6: The dirty descent

Time was of the essence and we couldn’t cavort up here much longer, besides, the ache at the back of my head was still nagging like an aggravated fish-wife on PMS. About halfway back to Stella who should we see, but David! A porter under each shoulder, the big man looked absolutely beaten. He had […]

Julius Malema speech at IMPLATS

Published 2 March 2012, Rustenburg Herald Today a good friend and journalist from The Mail and Guardian rang me up to attend a speech by ANCYL’s president, Julius Malema. In my hometown of Rustenburg I had no idea where ‘Freedom Park’ was, but had to get there in a hurry. After about an hour of […]

Sharbat Gula

 Who could ever forget the piercing green eyes of Sharbat Gula, the Afghan refugee girl who captured the attention of the world on National Geographic’s front cover(1985). Those eyes which told a story of pain and resilience representing an entire generation of Afghan women and children. It has always interested me how the impact of […]

Karanga to Base camp (Additional photos)

Camping at Karanga- Day 4. The mist and clouds surround Kibo permanently. This image was made possible during a 15 minute opening just after 10 am on departure. It was completely enshrouded the rest of the time. The valley where magma once flowed. Kibo enshrouded by mist A moonscape devoid of all life at 4000m+ […]